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The Best Coffee Beans in the World – 2018

coffee loverTo some, coffee is a savior and provides us with a sense of comfort, to others, it is a way to rejuvenate. The best coffee beans in the world are not only limited to the 10 we have listed here. Coffee can be and is versatile and because of the plethora of different roasting and blending techniques, there are hundreds of different coffee beans in the world we live. You are about to see a list of unbelievably delicious coffees from around the world.

From Tanzania to Central America and the world beyond, among all the types of the best coffee beans in the world available online or offline, we’ve selected 10 beans based upon popular choices and our own recommendations. However, do not take the order to be exclusive or permanent because which type of coffee beans speak to your heart, in the end, depends upon your preferences.

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Top 5 Health Benefits of Coffee – 2018

what are the benefits of drinking coffeeWhy has coffee made it from 10th century to the 21st Century?

Let me answer the question asked in the heading in the simplest form possible.

Not only does coffee taste great and give us our daily kickstart. Coffee has made it this far because the health benefits of our favorite beverage have shown promise to all those who savor drinking it.

The Health Benefits of Coffee Explained

From Ethiopia where the origin of coffee is traced, the monasteries of Yemen where dedicated Sufis used to sip coffee now and then to the cafes and brew houses today, where people order their espresso or lungo, humankind has had a soft spot in their hearts for this beloved drink not only because of its taste but also because of the myriads of benefits that it renders.

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