Hammerheart Brewing Company – Review

Brewery: Hammerheart Brewing CompanyHammerheart-Brewing-Company

Address: 7785 Lake Dr, Lino Lakes, MN 55014

Hours: Open 2PM ⋅ Closes 10PM

Phone: (651) 348-2654

Brewegian Rating: 5 out of 5


I spent last Saturday as I often do, enjoying craft brews with friends at a local brewery taproom. But this day was different. We were not just at any taproom, we were spending the day at Hammerheart Brewing in Lino Lakes, Minnesota, a norther suburb of the twin cities. To say this is one of my favorite breweries would be an understatement. I absolutely love everything about this brewery. The beers, the people and the atmosphere are all unique and top-notch. There’s not another brewery like this in the country.


Unlike most breweries that are constructed of steel and concrete Hammerheart brewing has an up-north woods cabin feel. It’s flanked on both sides by pine trees making you feel like you’re in the mountains. The brewery has a rustic feel with its wood style construction. There are runes carved into the wood a round-top door and other than one long table for groups and parties most of the tables are empty whiskey Barrels. They have Viking swords and weapons adorning the wall along with Nordic artwork. It’s perfectly cozy and comfortable. You will seriously feel like you’re on vacation in the mountains.

Special Bottle Releases – Regular events! 

Today the brewery was hosting a double bottle release party. The two beers being release today were Sól: A Smoked Chocolate Stout with Cherries Added and Máni: Smoked Chocolate Stout with Cherries Added Aged on Vanilla in Cherry wood Smoked Bourbon Barrels. As with most Hammerheart brews, these were big in flavor and quite delicious!

==> Check Out This Very Cool Bottle Opener! Hand Of The King! <== 

Famous for Smoke!

Hammerheart is famous for brewing big smoky Norwegian and Celtic style beers. What are Norwegian and Celtic beers you might be asking, well check out the following list of beers and I think you’ll get a pretty good idea.

Hammerheart Brewing Company’s Beers List as Rated on Beer Advocate






2017 Hail to the Dark Gourd (Smoked Doppelbock) Doppelbock 8.90 2 4.62
Åttebeint Hest Northern IPA American IPA 6.50 23 3.87
BA Flanary’s Brew American Stout 7.50 5 3.98
Badetiss American Blonde Ale 3.50 8 3.63
Baldrsøl Belgian Strong Dark Ale 8.60 2 4.25
Barrel Aged Gorm The Old Old Ale 8.40 5 4.35
Barrel Aged Høst Øl American Pale Wheat Ale 8.50 3 4.15
Barrel Aged Longship Scotch Ale / Wee Heavy 11.00 2 4
Barrel Aged Thor’s Porter American Porter 10.50 11 4.24
Bergtatt American Pale Ale (APA) 5.90 21 3.82
Berzerker Thor’s Porter (Whiskey Barrel Aged) American Porter 10.50 1 4.55
Black Cascade American Black Ale 7.70 24 4.17
Blåtand American IPA 7.80 14 3.81
Blodeuwedd English Pale Ale 6.00 5 3.94
Bog Burial Scotch Ale / Wee Heavy 9.00 7 4.48
Bourbon Barrel Aged Dublin Raid Irish Red Ale 7.00 27 4.15
Bourbon Barrel Aged Hail To The Dark Gourd Pumpkin Ale 11.80 1 3.75
Bourbon Barrel Aged Olaf The Stout Russian Imperial Stout 9.75 14 4.31
Brandy Barrel Midvinter Ol Winter Warmer 7.70 6 4.17
Brekkefosensvan Sommer Øl Gose 6.00 3 3.5
Brekkefossenvann American Amber / Red Ale 6.50 11 3.93
British Invasion English Pale Ale 6.00 41 3.96
Djevelens Munnvann American Strong Ale 11.50 12 4.35
Dublin Raid Irish Red Ale 6.50 31 3.95
Dublin Raid: Rye Whiskey Aged Irish Red Ale 7.00 3 3.67
Dublin Raid Reserve Irish Red Ale ? 3 4.43
Dunkelwald Dunkelweizen 8.30 10 4.13
Fimbulvetr (NE style 2018 batch) American IPA 10.00 1 4.64
Flaming Longship Scotch Ale / Wee Heavy 7.90 37 3.98
Flanary’s Brew Oatmeal Stout 6.30 25 3.99
Forraedersblod Rye Beer 7.40 0 0
Gammel Kriger American Brown Ale 7.40 9 3.94
Gesik Sahti 7.60 3 4.03
Ginungagap Oatmeal Stout 7.90 2 4
Gorm The Old Old Ale 7.40 21 4.12
Grandpa Flanary’s Oatmeal Stout 9.50 1 4.44
Hail To The Dark Gourd Pumpkin Ale 8.60 23 4.25
Herbstklagen Rauchbier 7.00 13 4.03
Hokan’s Brown Ale English Brown Ale 6.00 30 4.07
Hokan’s Fatherhood Edition American Brown Ale 5.70 4 4.15
Hrungnir’s Hjerte Schwarzbier 7.80 8 4.06
Høst Øl Smoked Beer 7.00 24 4.05
Imperial Longship Scotch Ale / Wee Heavy 11.00 29 4.2
Imperial Sköll Och Hati (Bourbon Barrel Aged) American Double / Imperial Stout 9.50 4 4.39
Jörmungandrsblod English Pale Ale 7.50 26 4.06
Jul Øl American Black Ale 9.00 1 4.5
Knut The Great English Pale Ale 6.50 5 3.94
Laurentian Porter American Porter 6.50 7 4.14
Lindisfarne Dubbel 8.50 5 4.16
Máni American Double / Imperial Stout 8.10 1 4.64
Midvinter Ol Winter Warmer 7.70 16 4.02
Neandertaler Doppelbock 7.70 7 4.06
Ogham English Pale Ale 6.40 5 4.01
Olaf The Stout American Double / Imperial Stout 11.80 50 4.15
Peter’s Porter American Porter 5.50 2 4.25
Reva’s English India Pale Ale (IPA) 6.80 5 4.04
Rune Stone American Stout 8.70 9 4.1
Serpensblod American Amber / Red Ale 8.30 16 4
Sif’s Locks Smoked Beer 3.70 8 4.05
Sköll Och Hati American Stout ? 21 4.11
Sól American Stout 7.10 2 4.4
Stjørdal Smoked Beer 8.70 2 4.51
Surtr’s Flame (Smoked Dry Hop Version) American IPA 8.40 2 4.38
Surtr’s Flame Smoked IPA American IPA 7.00 40 3.87
Thor’s Fury Baltic Porter 10.20 1 4.45
Thor’s Imperial Pepper Porter American Porter 9.20 1 3.83
Thor’s Imperial Porter American Porter 9.50 43 4.25
Thor’s Smoked Porter American Porter 8.30 1 3.83
Valkyrie Tears American Double / Imperial IPA 13.00 11 3.82
Von Winterherz Verhasst Hefeweizen 8.30 19 4.05
Wandering Spirit American IPA 5.10 2 4.32
Weltenwanderer Smoked Beer 6.20 11 3.98

History of Hammerheart

Austin had been traveling and spending time in Norway. Along his journey he was presented the opportunity of a lifetime. He was offered an opportunity for a brewing internship under Norwegian brewer Andreas Riis of Hand Bryggeriet. He gladly accepted the position and gained what would turn out to be invaluable experience. Austin spent his time with Haand wisely, learning and honing the craft of brewing Norwegian style beers. Luckily for us something he would eventually bring back to the states.



Established in 2013, Hammerheart Brewing began like so many breweries before them, with a couple of home brewers sitting around a fire, drinking beer, and sharing their dreams of starting a brewery of their own. Nathaniel and Austin, the founders of Hammerheart Brewing had like so many grown tired of their current professions and decided to do something about it. They had a strong need for something in their lives that would afford them freedom to something they loved in an environment that would allow them to express their creative sides, to create something unique, the kind of brewery that didn’t exist in the craft beer market. The delivered by starting Hammerheart.

Hammerheart – The Name?

Hammerheart, the brewery’s name was inspired by and named after the Classic Swedish Metal band Batheroy’s epic album “Hammerheart” The name was more than fitting as it was inspired as well from old Norse mythology. I couldn’t imagine this brewery be anything else but Hammerheart!Hammerheart-Brewing-Company

The brewery officially opened the doors in 2013 after nearly two years of planning, construction, and very hard work. The first Hammerheart beers were debuted at the All Pints North beer festival in Duluth, MN and then followed by the taproom opening at the brewery. Present for the debut was Austin’s Norwegian brewing mentor, Andreas, and together they brewed three collaboration brews. The creative spirit that these guys bring to brewing is very inspiring.

That said this is not a brewery for everyone. The beers are big, smoky, and full of intense flavor profiles. They brew beer their own way. This is not the same-old-same-old. They absolutely do not follow brewing trends, they do not brew something lighter because that’s what the people want, etc. This place is authentic.

My Norwegian ancestors would be proud.



Steven Rinker

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