Top 5 Health Benefits of Coffee – 2018

what are the benefits of drinking coffeeWhy has coffee made it from 10th century to the 21st Century?

Let me answer the question asked in the heading in the simplest form possible.

Not only does coffee taste great and give us our daily kickstart. Coffee has made it this far because the health benefits of our favorite beverage have shown promise to all those who savor drinking it.

The Health Benefits of Coffee Explained

From Ethiopia where the origin of coffee is traced, the monasteries of Yemen where dedicated Sufis used to sip coffee now and then to the cafes and brew houses today, where people order their espresso or lungo, humankind has had a soft spot in their hearts for this beloved drink not only because of its taste but also because of the myriads of benefits that it renders.

The Benefits Drinking of Coffee – Current Reasearch

According to Donald Hensrud, M. D, “Coffee has been around for a long time and blamed for many ills – from stunting your growth to causing heart disease – but new research shows that it may actually have health benefits. Recent studies have generally found no connection between coffee and an increased risk of heart disease or cancer.”

Thanks to Mr. Hensrud, you can finally shun any claims of the “courts” these days that coffee could be cancerous. We’d discuss this later but first, let us delve deeper into why coffee is beneficial and in what ways?

1. Coffee Suppresses the Development of Diabetes

Coffee works to increase the plasma levels of the proteins (SHBG) that control the activity of the sex hormones, testosterone, and the estrogen. When this occurs, you can be saved from contracting the type II diabetes, according to the research conducted by the UCLA.

Actually, everything is in the binding ability of the sex hormone binding globulin. When that ability is augmented or strengthened, it can result in “inverse association”; and therefore, a decreased likelihood of the type II diabetes.

Another study published by the Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) says that people that have at least 1.69 cups of coffee daily, in turn, have an 11% decrease in the overall risk of contracting type II diabetes.

Health Benefits of Coffee2. Coffee Reduces the Risk of Parkinson’s

Coffee has also been linked with a lower risk of Parkinson’s disease by researchers in the U.S. According to them, higher intake of coffee; and thus, the caffeine content is liked with a decreased incidence of the disease.

Not only this, this very caffeine also has merits for the people who are already suffering from the condition. Published in the Neurology journal, the research conducted by the Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre highly supports this claim.

3. Coffee Reduces the Risk of Liver Cancer

Although coffee was, at first, associated with causing liver borne diseases, new researches have totally refuted the claim. Instead, they support the opposite notion. Coffee can reduce the risks of running into liver cancer by as much as 50%. In another study conducted by Italian researchers, this decrease has been shown to be 40%. No matter what the percentage of the reduction in risk of having a liver cancer, it is evident that you can actually save your liver.

I’m not saying this out of the blue. Actually, their is research on the top of the ones stated above that prove their credibility. According to that research conducted at the Milan’s Instituto di Ricerche, all of the past claims that coffee encourages the health of the liver stand credible.

4. Coffee Reduces risk of Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis (PSC)

PSC is an autoimmune disease of the bile ducts that is characterized by an “inflammation and scarring” of the these and the liver leading to the obstruction of the drain path of the bile from the gallbladder.

Of course, it is a dreadful disease, but as an avid coffee drinker, you are safe. This is because of a miraculous ingredient in the coffee beans that also reduces the risk of liver cirrhosis by as much as 22%.

5. Coffee Promotes Heart Health why do we drink coffee

Drinking around two American cups (8 ounces) of coffee daily promotes heart health and can act as a protective barrier against any unprecedented risks of heart failure.

To quote some other studies that support this claim, the study of The Nurse’s Health Study, which had been a long one focusing on the effects of drinking coffee on the heart health of around 80,000 women, found that consuming a 2 to 3 cups of coffee per day reduced the likelihood of stroke in them by 19%. This is because coffee improves the cells that line the arteries (endothelial cells) and when they are improved, in turn, the blood flow improves.

6. Bonus: Coffee Can Replace Your Weight Loss Supplements

The chlorogenic acids found in the beans of coffee is associated with a reduction in the fat reservoirs that you have. What happens is that the acid slows down the release of the glucose in the bloodstream, thus, providing the body enough reasons to start working on the fat reservoirs due to the lack of adequate glucose. Aside from slowing down the release, it also slows down the production of glucose from the meals that we take by tweaking the production of the enzymes responsible for it.

These benefits when combined has only one effect on your body – weight loss. As the beverage has lesser risks associated with and also comes loaded with flavors, you can happily and safely take it as a weight loss supplement.

Why so Many benefits for Drinking Coffee? Good Question.

As we alluded to it above, it is in the chemical composition of the coffee that renders so many benefits to us.

  • Coffee has antioxidants such as chlorogenic acids or melanoidins, which help in reducing your oxidative load.
  • Coffee has caffeine that stimulants central nervous system for your betterment.
  • Coffee has diterpenes such as cafestol and kahweol that help in reduction of the likelihood of contracting cancers.

Apart from these major compounds, their are over 1000 aromatic and functional chemicals in coffee and each one of them has a definite benefit for our bodies. Of course, writing about them would require several months and a few thousand pages!

Coffee renders the above-mentioned benefits along with protecting us from colorectal cancer and premature death. Coffee drinkers in the past might not have known but sensed these benefits and this is why the practice of brewing it evolved through times and never died.

Conclusion:  what are the benefits of drinking coffee

Recently, their have been lawsuits against coffee and we might see it coming with a warning sign in California. However, the compound known as acrylamide is also found in any type of roasted food whether it is canned or not. It is worth noting that acrylamide is found in “very hot” drinks also and this is exactly why World Health Organization eased its stance on declaring coffee a carcinogen. This means that coffee would bestow you with the benefits above only if you drink it less hot.

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