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My journey into the craft beer and  world of brewing started in 1987. I lived in Maryland at that time and was studying engineering at the University of Maryland. I was like any normal college student, I went to class, studied for exams and on occasion I would hit the local pub. OK, it was almost every day but who was watching? It was at this pub that I met another engineering student who was loudly complaining about the poor beer selection. Not just the selection of beers in this establishment in particular but in the US as a whole. You have to remember, this was pre to early craft beer days and most bars still only carried products from the macro and larger regional breweries. Some of the better bars and restaurants would occasionally carry an import brew but typically this would have been a Guinness at best.

Well as it turned out my new friends father once was a brewer in Japan and was now brewing in Belgium. I ask a few questions about beer from other parts of the world and wow, Did I learn a lot about beer that day. By the end of the evening we had decided to pool our resources and brew a batch of beer. At that I didn’t even know brewing beer at home was possible! Brewing your own at home beer! Who knew?

Fast forward to 2008. This was the year we founded our first brewery. It is located in a small river town in Minnesota. I sold my shares of that brewery to move to the country of Norway to consultand help start a brewery there which I now own.

So much has happened since discovering what real craft products are. I have taken this passion to the culinary world by attending culinary school and working as a chef. I then got involved in the fantastic world of coffee! Another subject which I am passionate about and will be spending time on here as well.


Steven Rinker

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